UX Writer

  • Mexico City, Mexico

UX Writer

Descripción de la posición

UX Writers humanize interactions between humans and technology.

They work alongside designers and engineers in order to create useful digital products and meaningful experiences.

Performance areas:

  • User Experience
  • Product Design
  • Content Strategy

Day to day activities:

  • Actively participate in the strategy and definition of concepts such as brand and voice/tone for digital products.
  • Phrase conversations and humanize verbal elements found in various interfaces.
  • Create key messages, taglines, and slogans.
  • Define voice/tone guidelines for brands, products, and services, keeping a watchful eye for consistency across all possible touchpoints with the user.
  • Collaborate with clients as well as our multidisciplinary team.
  • Learn about new technologies and industries in order to help launch innovative ideas.
  • Occasionally, revise text style.


You need:

-Exceptional writing skills

-Professional experience in UX, and writing for digital marketing or digital strategy.

-Ability to work collaboratively.

-Ability to give and receive feedback.

-Understanding of how digital products work.

-Strategic mindset.

-Abstraction and synthesis skills.

-User-oriented observation and empathy skills.

-Ability to tell stories in an irresistible way.

We would like:

-Studies/degree in communication or similar fields (Journalism, Communication, Marketing, Advertising ...) or in human sciences (Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology ...).

-Ability to communicate with UX designers and software developers.

-Experience working with sophisticated clients on complex projects.

-Fluent English (written and spoken).