• Mexico City, Mexico


Job description

Does the prospect of designing products in Instagram, Airbnb or Slack sound incredible to you? Excited by the idea of solving problems for hundreds of thousands of people? Would you like to work in a team that’s actually multidisciplinary and diverse?


This doesn’t just happen in Silicon Valley.


At 23, we’ve collaborated on more than 200 projects in 3 years. We’ve helped entrepreneurs like LuunaPictolineweex and albo get digital products out to market; startups like BitsoConekta and LaunchForth improve their experience; and corporations like Honeywell, GBM, and even the Mexican Federal Government, play catch-up and try new ideas.


Our team is growing and we’re looking for Interns.

We are looking around the world for a young, awesome and above average designer to join us on our HQ in Mexico City.

We offer a 6 month internship in which you will learn by working with experienced designers tackling and learning strategy, while collaborating on real projects.

In this internship you will have the chance to develop visual, technical and strategy skills while living in Mexico City for 6 months.

Areas of interest:

- Research

- UI

- Copywriting

- Branding

Our internships start on January, 2019.


Nothing but willingness to learn.